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Chase your dream. Fly to Paris, live in a quirky attic, write until your fingers ache, and dance in the rain.

Heck at  Gnight, Sara / 'Night, Heck



"Through the Seasons:
A Love Story in Four Parts"

is an enthralling series that intricately weaves the blossoming romance between Hope Williams, an aspiring screenwriter, and Richard Collins, a renowned Hollywood and British star. Unfolding over a year, each season in this series symbolizes a distinct phase of their evolving relationship.

Short Stories


Gnight, Sara / ‘Night, Heck

This is the story of  Sara Miller, a 24-year-old copywriter at a Manhattan advertising agency, who unexpectedly crosses paths with Heck Archibald IV, the 28-year-old heir to the formidable Archibald banking dynasty. This chance encounter in a bustling New York City café weaves their destinies together, creating a unique sanctuary where they can unmask their true selves.


Through shared passions for music, film, TV series, and writing, and despite being entangled in separate serious relationships, Sara and Heck find solace in each other during their regular café meetups over brinner (breakfast for dinner). Their interactions, however, remain confined to this café, void of exchanged phone numbers, social media handles, or addresses. They discuss their dreams in this space, like Sara’s aspiration to move to Paris to pen her debut novel. This profound bond prompts them to question whether their current lives align with their envisioned ideals. 


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Tavia Gatanas Joins the
‘Four Seasons’ Audiobook

My dear readers,


I am thrilled to introduce Tavia Gatanas, the talented voice behind Hope, in our upcoming audiobook, “Four Seasons.” Tavia is a remarkable young artist who shares many characteristics with our protagonist, Hope—both are gifted writers and artists. In an era where AI narrators are becoming increasingly common, collaborating with Tavia allows us to highlight authentic human talent.



Tavia’s distinctive voice and artistic flair promise to bring Hope’s character to life in a way only a true artist can achieve. Her contribution is set to elevate the audiobook, making it a truly unique and immersive experience.



I eagerly anticipate this project's release and cannot wait for you all to hear it!



Much love,





Parisian Cafe

In a Parisian cafe, 

pen scribbles with delight,

Sipping coffee 

under the city’s soft twilight.

Brinner on the table, 

a charming sight,

Where day meets night 

in a writer’s flight


Cheyenne, WY 82001

Manila, PH 1008



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